Roma à St-Prex

WELCOME IN « ROMA at ST-PREX », art exposition, atelier and courses of drawing, painting and clay modelling

Welcome in my exposition space, atelier and place for courses of drawing, painting and clay modelling, placed inside the wonderful ancient village of St-Prex.

This space is designed to offer courses of drawing, painting and clay modeling, for you and your children; it is also an exhibition place for the paintings and sculptures created by the artist and architect Maria Chiara Barone, born in Rome and living in Switzerland since more than 15 years. Her works are mainly acrylic paintings on canvas or wood and terra cotta sculptures. Part of the Chiara’s place “Roma at St-Prex” hosts the creative and artistic atelier where Chiara works part-time.

Drawings Paintings Sculptures

Maria Chiara Barone was born in Rome, she’s an architect specialized in restauration and rehabilitation of historical heritage. Chiara has studied in the Faculty of architecture Roma tre, La Sapienza and in the Accademia of San Luca at Rome, she’s also obtained a PhD thesis in the Polytechnics Federal School of Lausanne (EPFL). Already in Rome and, then also in Switzerland (in the canton of Fribourg and Vaud), Chiara has always strongly wanted to work in the state administration, so as to put her knowledge for publics purposes. In parallel, she continued her artistic path as a painter and sculptress (modeling), linked both to her knowledge as an architect specialized in the conservation of cultural heritage, and to her personal sensibility to all forms of artistic, technical, corporal and naturalistic expressions.

Particularly passionate about teaching, especially oriented towards younger people, Chiara has long held an artistic volunteer training activity for children, at home or in public facilities such as the CHUV university hospital in Lausanne.

About me

According to an innovative concept, the exhibition of the works of art of the artist and animator of the courses is combined with the courses of drawing, painting, modeling and artistic bricolage for children and teens, the aim is to stimulate their creative abilities and to sensitize them to figurative art in general, and in particular, to pictorial and clay modeling techniques. Chiara will offer an artistic / historical training, in order to provide inspiration for children / teenagers, in accordance with their desire to know and their personal curiosity. This type of training will be based on the knowledge of the course animator and on various works of the history of art and architecture, directly available at "Rome à St-Prex

Courses and prices

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